The Scholarship

The Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund was founded in Sarah’s honour shortly after her passing when Melinda Mack, a family friend, decided to focus on creating something positive out of the tragedy. After suggesting her idea to a small group of people, The Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund was formed.

The Fund awards a scholarship of $2,000 to a successful candidate every year on the 16th of July – Sarah’s birthday, a very fitting time to celebrate, support and recognise female tradies!. The Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund is dedicated to encouraging and supporting females to succeed in their chosen career path. The Fund focuses on providing a scholarship to assist a female apprentice with their studies and work related expenses, in non – traditional trades across NSW.

The members of the Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund are working tirelessly to eradicate prejudice, and bring awareness and acceptance to all male – dominated industries, of the benefits of female tradies.We are a non – profit organisation that will work collaboratively with women, apprenticeship providers and workplaces across Australia to …

  1. Provide financial support to females in non – traditional trade apprenticeships to assist with their educational needs
  2. Provide ongoing support and information to young women regarding their career options
  3. To encourage and support employers to behave with integrity and equity when employing future apprentices

Our Vision is to make a difference to the lives of women by bringing understanding and acceptance of females in non – traditional trades, and supporting women financially to complete a non – traditional apprenticeship.