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Scotty and Lloydy Day

Today is the day The Riverina Lions Women’s AFL remember two of their girls a little more then every other day, in their Annual Memorial game for Little Lloydy and Scotty.
Get down and see the action and bring a splash of yellow or teal.

Riverina v Queanbeyan
12:00 pm
Gumly Gumly Oval

This years fundraiser will see a one off guernsey auctioned off at the match day awards at the Palm and Pawn from 6pm. We hear there’s a celebrity auctioneer coming to town!

Thank you to our friends at WLD for this awesome limited edition guernsey honoring the two girls.

PS We also hear its a major mile stone game for the none other “Piglet” Coote is hitting her 200th game. CONGRATULATIONS