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Taylah Gerecke 2019 Recipient

I am currently completing an apprenticeship in Electro-Technology Certificate III. Before commencing as an Electrical Apprentice I worked within a family run Telecommunications business, undertaking a course as a Cable Jointer. This small business, sub contracted out to a much larger companies and I was always the only female worker on site or at the working depot. This always took people by surprise, causing many comments and speculations and unfortunately a lot of this feedback was negative. However I was still positive in my mind that I was doing the right thing. The stereotype that follows a tradie being of a male gender is what pushed and drove me to enter the trade. I want to change this concept and I want females to be welcomed into whatever career they believe they can do. Having people constantly questioning my work and look over what I was doing, made me strive to be the best I could be and pushed me to better myself and further my skills.

I then turned to an electrical apprenticeship.

When my tafe teacher forwarded me information regarding the Sarah Lloyd Scholarship, I believed that I had the same drive and ambition to succeed as Sarah did in a non-traditional trade. I thought I would be a suitable candidate not only to be a recipient of the scholarship but to represent Sarah and what this foundation stood for. I wish to continue on Sarah’s legacy by doing all I can to promote and raise awareness of not only the struggles that females have to deal with in non-traditional trades but also the success of other women that are excelling, defying the odds and breaking down the stereotype that surrounds trades.

This grant has given me the opportunity to be able to further my skills by allowing me to purchase specialised tools of the trade that I will need as I continue to progress in my desired field. This allows me to be a more self-sufficient worker and no longer required to rely on others, as I will be better equipped.

The work of the Sarah Lloyd Scholarship has already improved the awareness in the company I am a part of, Takle Electrical. Takle Electrical is a small family owned business and the owners Jo & Steve, attended the presentation also. I am the first female apprentice to be employed at Takle and they are extremely proud of what I am doing within their company and feel I am a leading example for females in the industry.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have been given, the team behind the setup and running of this scholarship are truly incredible. I take great honor in not only being able to nominate myself for this, but to be one of the successful applicants and I would also like to congratulate Madeline & Kasey, both fantastic ambassadors for Sarah and her legacy.

I am so proud of all involved in this amazing organisation. It is so much more than what it may appear and I encourage other young people to follow in our footsteps to pursue their desired career, despite the hardship that may be faced.