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Madeline Jackson 2019 Recipient

Hello, my name is Madeline Jackson and I would like to succinctly describe how the Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund has and will help me transit through my chosen career.

I am currently undergoing an apprenticeship at Nepean Conveyors in Gulgong, where I am majoring in engineering and a heavy fabrication trade. My journey started from a young age when I would go outside into the shed and perform in our “little workshop” welding and helping my father. From this moment onwards, I made the decision to choose metal and engineering as a subject in my senior years which got me a certificate 1 in metal and engineering. I loved it that much as I strived to fulfil my potential and work my hardest to provide evidence to the community that girls really can work in a “male dominated” work force. After concluding school and the dreaded HSC, I not long received a phone call asking if I would like to start an apprenticeship. There are no words to describe how joyful I was after receiving this phone call. From this point onwards, I have had the pleasure working alongside the blokes, which make the days at work go by quicker and smoother.

I firstly heard about the Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund when I received an email from my apprenticeship co-ordinator. He informed me with all the information that I needed to know to be applicable for the award. As soon as I seen it I opened the link and read a little bit about the scholarship. I was amazed with the true efforts of the scholarship team and the alluring cause behind it all. From this moment on I applied not thinking I would be one of the recipients at all, but it was worth a try.

When I received the phone call on the 2nd of July I was overwhelmed that I was one of the chosen candidates for 2019, the second year it has ran. I was and still am so thankful for all they have provided me with because now I am able to equip myself with some of the equipment I have dreamed of buying but never thought I would able to purchase. One of the items I am going to be obtaining with the grant is a ventilated welding helmet as I weld an awful lot of galvanised steel and it will prevent health issues later in life.

I would like to thank the Sarah Lloyd Scholarship Fund again for awarding me this very special award, lets hope Sarah’s memory will be lived on for many years to come. Goodluck to future applicators/recipients. Let’s make this great cause bigger!! I really promote this to you if you are thinking of applying for the award it really is worth the shot and you get to meet some lovely people too.

Again, thank you


Madeline and her Mentor for the next 12 months, Kylie during a recent catch up.

Madeline and her Mentor for the next 12 months, Kylie during a recent catch up.